Holy Cow! that’s tasty!
Ice cream like no other, hand made in the heart of the Sussex Downs.

Taste, it’s what we are all about. Every mouthful is a moment to savour, enjoy and explore. Ice cream is and always should be for the pure enjoyment of it, and we make sure every moment is one filled with fun, laughter and the memories of childhood.

At Holy Cow! we believe ice cream should be for all to enjoy – vegetarians, vegans, milk drinkers, folks on a GF diet or with food intolerances. Our ultimate mission in taste testing is to bring people together and get those smiles going ear to ear. So whether you’re into cow or no cow we are the artisan who will put the Holy Wow! factor in every scoop.

kid eating ice cream

Best Ice cream the world has ever seen - and I sure know - I've eaten them all.

Chef Collaborations?
Bring it on! We love a challenge.

We proudly collaborate with restaurants and other businesses to create bespoke flavour combinations and ice cream that’s out of this world. We are always trying new ideas, those combos that make you go “Wow, that really works!”. So if you’re a chef and you’re looking for that perfect pairing to go with your stand out dessert, or you know you need the best Madagascan Vanilla ice cream you’ve ever tried, then give us a call or drop us a line on our contact page.